Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rodin Olio Lusso Lip Balm

The last item from my Barney's haul was this Rodin Lip Balm. I was very excited about this product as I am a hoarder of lip balms. My current favorite is the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment and as this product was only slightly more expensive than my favorite lip balm, I decided to take the plunge.

Has this become my new favorite? Does this rival my current favorite? The answer is simply no. Do I like this product? Yes, I do. To start with, you have to work off a few layers before it really starts getting moisturizing. When I first started using this, I was incredibly disappointed. It was only after about a week of use that I started to appreciate it more. Once you get the first few layers off it starts to get really very shiny (though this doesn't transfer to your lips) and the compact becomes much softer so that you can get more product off and onto your lips. In the beginning it was very hard and it was hard to really get any of the product to transfer onto my finger. 

Ultimately, this is a very moisturizing little product. "Now that Rodin Olio Lusso has successfully made your skin as supple and smooth as it can possibly be, it can work the same magic on your lips. Linda Rodin, New York Fashion Stylist and Beauty Entrepreneur, has done it again by incorporating her famous floral scent in a delightfully moisturizing, all natural, sheer lip balm. The blush colored balm combines jasmine, orange flower oil, shea butter, beeswax and castor seed oil. Packaged beautifully in a chic lucite square compact, this lip balm is perfect for your pocket or purse!"

I also love that this contains oils and beeswax instead of the usual petroleum based lip balms that can be more detrimental then helpful. This product does impart a very slight rosy color to your lips and does contain a sparkle in the compact that I don't believe transfers to your lips. 

All in all I would recommend this product. I especially like that it is in a compact and therefore I can just dab a bit on my lips with my finger tip without disrupting my lipstick during the day (I have a harder time doing that with the standard tube product). I just love my Fresh lip balm for super moisturizing at night.

This product can be purchased from Barney's or http://www.barneys.com or http://oliolusso.com.