Monday, October 29, 2012

Mally Beauty

Ever hear of Mally Beauty? They have some awesome products. I was sent a few items to try and I think I found a new company to love. The best part? They really aren't that expensive! Those pictured are Mally's High-Shine Liquid Lipstick, Evercolor Poreless Face Defender, and Volumizing Mascara.

Mally's High-Shine Liquid Lipstick is described as "a high-performance, 4 in 1 product that includes lip primer, lipstick, lipgloss, and lip liner all in one!" I received this product in light nude and I have to say I really liked it. It wasn't sticky, yet lasted quite awhile. It was a really pretty nudey pink that looked really fresh and pretty. I loved that it was in pen form and so is highly portable without making a mess. The only downside I noted was that it had a really pungent strawberry smell. Those who enjoy products with a scent will surely like that, I was just not a fan. The good news is that it didn't last long after application.

The second product was a really amazing product. The Evercolor Poreless Face defender is meant to be  a finisher, much like setting powder, without being a powder. It is described as "an utterly sheer, featherweight product that diffuses the look of pores, minimizes fine lines, and helps protect your makeup so it lasts from morning to night." It dries and keeps oily skin matte without that ashy powder finish. I could not personally try this product because it is meant for more oily skin as it truly mattifies and my skin is very dry to begin with. I did, however, have my mother try it. Her nose and chin starts to get greasy by mid afternoon and she spot used this product on those areas. The areas she put this product on stayed matte all day. She really loved it and stated she would most likely continue to use it. Just be careful to blot this on with the sponge instead of smearing it on so that you don't streak your makeup. I also REALLY liked the sponge it came with. It was soft and spongy and I could see using it for other purposes.

The last product I tried was the Volumizing Mascara. This mascara is meant to "help create the look of gorgeous, full luxurious lashes." This product without a doubt made my lashes look both thicker and longer without clumping them. This product is fantastic. It stayed on all day without giving me raccoon eyes while still coming off fairly easily that night when I washed my face. This product is a real keeper.

Conclusion: I really liked these products and would absolutely consider purchasing other products from this brand. While I didn't specifically like the scent of the lipgloss, there really wasn't anything else I didn't like. I would definitely recommend this line!

These products can all be purchased from

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fun with Chanel

So I was walking through the Trumball Mall today (it's a mall in Connecticut) because Lush was having a Halloween celebration and I passed Lord and Taylor who seemed to be doing exciting things. It turned out that Mario Penilillo, one of Chanel's premier makeup artists, was here to do personal beauty consultations and make-overs. Sounded like a lot of fun to me! Above I show the makeup consult sheet and the after pictures. He spent quite a bit of time assessing my skin and offering skincare products he thought I might like. After he wiped my face clean and chose products that he thought would look great on me. I loved everything he chose. Afterwards I bought the blush used and the eyeshadow pallet. They were just so pretty! I was hesitant to buy the foundation as I have more than I really need, so they were happy to give me a sample to play with. The blush is Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Star Dust (which I absolutely fell in love with, it is a sparkly pink that really lights up my face, definitely a winner!) and the pallet is the Regard Signe De Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow in Du Soir. The shades are very earthy and very perfect for fall! If you like this pallet then hurry and get it as it is limited edition. All in all they were super nice and I had a lot of fun at this event. Props to Chanel. 

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bobbi Brown: Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer, Face Touch up Stick, and Sheer Finish Pressed Powder

I love Bobbie Brown cosmetics. I use a lot of her cosmetics and have a serious love for the eyeliner. Here I decided to review some of the products I have used on my face. I have tried to Face Touch up Stick, Sheer Finish Pressed Powder, and the SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer. 

I use the finishing pressed powder everyday without fail and will most likely continue to use it for the foreseeable future. I will most likely also rebuy it once I run out. It has a slight tint to it so it doesn't change the color of your skin. This product is described as "a translucent face powder to set foundation and cut excess shine." Pretty much the same as most setting powders. I like this one because it is in a compact, so I can't spill it and, unlike many other compacts that I have owned, this one doesn't seem to break as readily if you accidentally drop it. This feels great on my face and doesn't ever look gray on my face. It mattes down my tinted moisturizer and lasts all day. I really love this product.

The same cannot be said for the tinted moisturizer. Unfortunately there just doesn't seem to be a color in this line that matches my skin perfectly. I have very light, pink skin and unfortunately for me I have a very tough time finding a tinted moisturizer that isn't too yellow. This one was the only one I could find that was the reverse problem, too pink, but putting some yellow in a pink moisturizer was easier than putting pink in a yellow one. The Jouer brand tinted moisturizer was the only one that really matches my skin. I did, however wear this one for awhile even though it was ever so slightly too light and too pink for me. I would just mix is with a yellow toned illuminator and it seemed to work. I didn't realize that it oxidized throughout the day and would end up being a shade darker than my skin by night. Once I realized this I discontinued this product. What I did like about this, for those without my skin tone problem, is that it covered more than your average tinted moisturizer. I found it was not as sheer while still feeling light as if I wasn't wearing makeup. I would urge anyone looking to wear this to wear to use a setting powder during the summer as I have dry skin and this would still melt on my face in the heat. I would also suggest using another sunscreen under this because it has a very low spf. 

The last product, the face touch up stick, I used as a concealer. It is a nice, creamy stick, that provides just enough coverage to conceal a blemish. This can't really be used on large surfaces or under your eyes, but for my purpose, it was wonderful. I would just dab it on the blemish and then blend out. Bobbie Brown describes this product as "a small portable foundation stick that's perfect for spot coverage, touch ups, and travel." I really like this concealer and have yet to find one like it (stick form) that I like as much. It lasts all day without budging and provides enough coverage without looking cakey or unnatural. This is definitely an A+ product. 

These products can be found on http://www.sephora.com, or anywhere else Bobbi Brown cosmetics are sold. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

USA Glossybox October

So my glossybox finally came today! YAY! So here it is:

Alessandro Pedix Heel Rescue Balm
Alterna Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist
Carol's Daughter Shea Souffle in Almond Cookie
Heartland Fragrances Exfoliating Loofa Soap in Blood Orange
Modelco Lip Duo

I'm super excited to try this all out. My only complaint is that the Alterna spray was leaking when I got it and was almost empty and all over my box. =( I called glossybox up and they said they would send me out a new one and I should receive it soon, but I had to throw out my box and I do collect those. Oh well! At least I'll get a new one. I do have to say it smelled really good though.

Glossybox is a monthly subscription service that is $21 a month and can be bought from

Update Barney's "Haul"

Credit to Google Images

I just wanted to give a quick update regarding the Tatcha Rice Enzyme Scrub, and by the way I received a sample in gentle. The reason I had gotten this scrub, as previously mentioned, was because I wanted to compare this to AmorePacific's Enzyme Peel. Tatcha Rice Enzyme Scrub is described as "a creamy, water based enzyme exfoilient that effortlessly releases debris from the skin, leaving it polished and baby soft in an instant." I used this product last night and so I wanted to give a quick comparison. When water is added to the Tatcha powder, it forms a much thicker paste than the AmorePacific Powder. I have to say I liked that. What I didn't really like was the smell. While the AmorePacific powder doesn't really have a scent, the Tatcha powder does. It definitely has a very distinct rice smell that I didn't appreciate. That being said, I liked the Tatcha powder more. It was much more active, while still maintaing the gentleness that I loved about the AmorePacific powder. The rep told me that since it was more active, I should only rub it around my face for 30 seconds before washing it off. I felt my skin was much smoother and cleaner after than with the AmorePacific and that lasted unto the next day. Considering they are at about the same price point, I would most likely purchase the Tatcha when I run out of my AmorePacific. I have a second packet that I will try soon to make sure that I have no adverse reactions to it, but other than that I'm sold!

The Tatcha Rice Enzyme Scrub can be purchased at barneys.com, or wherever Tatcha is sold.

I put haul in quotations because I'm not really sure I want to call this a haul, but wasn't exactly sure what else to call it. The past month I made a list of everything I either wanted to get samples of or buy the next time I made my way to a Barney's. Well, yesterday I finally got my chance.

I sampled Tatcha Rice Enzyme Scrub so that I could compare it to my AmorePacific Enzyme Peel. I got samples of some more of the Sunday Riley line including Good Genes, which I have been really wanting to sample. I also got a sample of Rodin Olio Lusso as I have heard some wonderful things about it and I wanted to compare it to Sunday Riley's Juno oil. Last of the samples was from Malin and Geotz. I really wanted to sample their intensive hair mask and they also threw in a sample of shampoo (the rep told me that I could't get the full experience of the mask without it) and their detox face mask.

I had only planned on getting samples of some of the Sponge lotions, and somehow I was talked into purchasing. The rep told me that since I was young the only lotion she would recommend to me was Krema Imeras (day cream) and that it would be sufficient for my dry skin for both day and night. I am a little skeptical, but she seemed so earnest that I felt the need to believe her. We shall see.

The two other full sized products I bought were from Sunday Riley's makeup line. I bought her lipstick in Orchid and lipgloss in blackberry crush. I had been coveting this color online for a month and was dying to purchase it, but refused to do so until I had tried it. It is the perfect vampy purple! I will have to  swatch it for you at some point!

Do you guy's think I made some good selections? Tell me what you think!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nail Polish Today

Today I didn't have a chance to post one of my usual reviews, but I didn't want to not post anything. So today is just a quick post to show what I have done with my nails today. Usually I am not a fan of these types of posts on boards, but I decided to do this today for a reason. Theres been this fad for the past two years that I have tried really hard to ignore and definitely had no interest in partaking in. This fad, as you might have guessed from the picture, is of painting your nails all one color and then your ring finger another color. The closest I came to this was a few months ago when I painted my nails yellow and then put gold sparkles on top of the yellow on my ring finger. Well I finally decided to give it a shot. I was wondering what all of your opinions are. Do you think its a silly fad or do you think its cute?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Shiseido Pureness

Credit to Google Images

Last March I was looking for a new skincare line and it was recommended to me by a rep in Saks Fifth Avenue to try the Shiseido Pureness skincare line. It turned out to be far to drying for me, so I gave the stuff I hadn't finished to a friend who found it to be perfect. Of the line I tried the deep cleansing foam, balancing softener, blemish clearing gel, moisturizing gel cream, and pore purifying warming scrub. By that I believe I can give a good, general feel to the line.

The Pureness line is the cheapest of Shiseido's skincare lines. It is recommended for teens to young adults with acne. I was originally told that it was a line that would clear up my skin while not being too drying, but found out later that I was given wrong information. Which is why I stopped using it. It is a line more towards those with normal to oily skin. The line is described as having "oil absorbing technology and hydro-balancing complex, with botanical extract Palo Azul that work together to keep skin shine-free and hydrated."

The deep cleansing foam was my favorite aspect of the line and I used this the longest out of the line. This is an "ultra fresh foam with blue purifying granules. This rich lathering foam lifts away the pore clogging impurities, makeup and oil, that can lead to imperfections." I figured that I could switch my lotion to something really moisturizing and it would make up for the drying nature of this product, but alas it was just too stripping for me. The stuff lathers up a lot, so you only need a small dollop. I have had it since March and then gave it to my friend who is still using it now. So you really get a lot of bang for your buck. The little cleansing granules really get into your pores for a nice clean. It really started clearing up my friend's face who has a decent amount of acne. This product really gives you a nice clean feeling and leaves no residue behind. If you have acne and skin that leans more towards the oily side, you will love this product.

I am just going to give a quick general revue of the balancing softener as I did not find it to be any different than really any other toner I have tried. It is alcohol free and Shiseido states that this lotion brings "new radiance, softness, and balance to blemish-prone skin. It lightly rehydrates and leaves skin smooth and comfortable." I do not think it hydrated that much, but it did clean anything that was left behind by the cleanser and balanced my skin. Basically what any toner is supposed to do. Nothing special, but nothing specifically negative either. This product I used up in it's entirety because I didn't think it specifically stripped my skin either.

The Blemish Clearing Gel is a spot treatment. I found that it did it's job in that it dried out any acne that I had. The only problem is a dry pimple is incredibly hard to cover up. I have since switched to a spot treatment that works to clear up the acne without drying it out so that as it is minimized it can still be covered up with makeup. This is described as a clear quick-absorbing gel that minimizes the appearance of blemishes as it purifies and refreshes the skin. It is formulated with salicylic acid, which is what dries out the pimple and what I have since realized I do not specifically like. However, those with oily skin probably love the stuff as much as my friend does. So I suppose it all depends on where you are standing.

The Moisturizing Gel Cream was another of my favorites even though it was not as moisturizing as I needed it to be. I ended up just using this as a really light day cream under my makeup. This is described as a "lightweight creamy gel that absorbs quickly for immediate retexturizing benefits and a dewey fresh look and feeling." This stuff is incredibly lightweight, smells so fresh and clean, and just feels really great on your face. It is not a cream, but a gel and so is not heavy in any capacity. It just kinda melts into your skin. I cannot say enough good things about this. I was sad when I finished it, but will not be rebuying as I do need something more moisturizing. However, for you gals with more oily skin, you will love this!

The last product i tried, the Pore Purifying Warming Scrub is an exfoliator that warms the skin to open the pores. You first apply this dry as the moisture ruins the warming effect. I have to say, it was yucky putting this on without water. The stuff is really thick and gooey and I really did not like putting it on before I wet my face. Shiseido describes this as "a self warming gel scrub that unclogs pores and removes excess oil for a feeling of fresh, deeply cleansed skin." Personally, I feel there are much better exfoliators out there, but if you are using the whole line, like I was, I suppose it makes sense to use their scrub as well. My opinion? Ditch this item and try another. I do have to say though, as someone with sensitive skin, this product was a very mild exfoliator. It did not irritate in the slightest.

Conclusion: For someone with acne and oily skin, this line is definitely a keeper. My friend has seen amazing results with it. Keep in mind though that it does strip the skin, which is good for those who need it, not for those like me that don't. I would absolutely recommend this line! This line introduced me to the world of Shiseido and I have never looked back. I really do love this company.

These products can all be bought on http://www.shiseido.com, and some can be bought from They can also be purchased in-store wherever Shiseido products are sold!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Barney's "Haul"

I put haul in quotations because I'm not really sure I want to call this a haul, but wasn't exactly sure what else to call it. The past month I made a list of everything I either wanted to get samples of or buy the next time I made my way to a Barney's. Well, yesterday I finally got my chance.

I sampled Tatcha Rice Enzyme Scrub so that I could compare it to my AmorePacific Enzyme Peel. I got samples of some more of the Sunday Riley line including Good Genes, which I have been really wanting to sample. I also got a sample of Rodin Olio Lusso as I have heard some wonderful things about it and I wanted to compare it to Sunday Riley's Juno oil. Last of the samples was from Malin and Geotz. I really wanted to sample their intensive hair mask and they also threw in a sample of shampoo (the rep told me that I could't get the full experience of the mask without it) and their detox face mask.

I had only planned on getting samples of some of the Sponge lotions, and somehow I was talked into purchasing. The rep told me that since I was young the only lotion she would recommend to me was Krema Imeras (day cream) and that it would be sufficient for my dry skin for both day and night. I am a little skeptical, but she seemed so earnest that I felt the need to believe her. We shall see.

The two other full sized products I bought were from Sunday Riley's makeup line. I bought her lipstick in Orchid and lipgloss in blackberry crush. I had been coveting this color online for a month and was dying to purchase it, but refused to do so until I had tried it. It is the perfect vampy purple! I will have to  swatch it for you at some point!

Do you guy's think I made some good selections? Tell me what you think!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tarte: Cheek Stain and Maracuja Blush and Glow

As you can probably see from my decent sized Tarte blush collection: I love these guys! Tarte cheek stains are probably the most natural looking blushes I have ever tried. It gives that serious blushing from within look and they are incredibly buildable! I also threw in my Tarte Maracuja Blush and Glow which has a cheek tint and a luminizer.

Tarte describes their cheek stains as "a water-based gel cheek tint that gives you a natural flush - exactly like someone just pinched your cheeks." Tarte formulates their products naturally and this cheek tint is made without parabins, sulphates, synthetic fragrances, or petrochemicals. The stain comes in 9 different colors, of which I have 5. I would eventually like to have them all! There are different ways to apply this depending on the look you are going for, but I like to rub my index finger and middle finger over the top to pick up color and then tab this across my cheeks. I then blend it out with a brush after and then set with urban decay setting spray.

Numbers 2 through 6 are the cheek tints. I swatched them on my hand and took pictures with both indoor and outdoor lighting. I swatched them pretty heavily so that you can really see the colors, but you can apply it with a lighter hand to get a more natural look if you wanted.

2 - Tipsy - sheer coral pink
3 - Blushing Bride - sheer deep plum
4 - Dollface - sheer soft pink shimmer
5 - Tickled - sheer peachy red
6 - True Love - sheer watermelon (my favorite!)

Over the summer, I decided to also try out their new maracuja blush and glow. This product is described as "a duo for boosting the complexion with a rosy/luminous glow." This product comes in 3 different shades. The one swatched as number 1 is moonlight and is a light rosy pink color. Where the luminizer is not my favorite, I did really like the blush color. It is very similar to the cheek stain color in true love, but has more of a shimmer to it that wasn't really caught in the picture. 

All in all, these are by far my favorite blushes! I wear them without fail every day. Even if I am wearing no other makeup! It is just a really pretty finish and it last all day! This is definitely something I recommend that everyone tries. 

Both items can be bought from http://www.sephora.com, or wherever Tarte cosmetics are sold.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Amorepacific: Enzyme Peel and Cleansing Foam

Yet another brand discovered through beauty box subscription services. To those who are skeptical of such services, this is a really good pro towards signing up. I found this brand through glossybox. An amorepacific cream came in one of their earlier glossyboxes and other than checking the brand out, I had not really considered purchasing. Recently I found myself needing to buy a new scrub and I decided I wanted to buy something a bit more gentle than my previous scrub. As I was searching I remembered the amorepacific scrub and remembered there was a ton of really great reviews!

The treatment enzyme peel is more of a light scrub than a peel. It is described as a "botanical-based, exfoiliator made without harsh ingredients." It is meant to "brighten and even skin tone without chemical abrasions" and it "eliminates dry, dull surface cells and toxins to reveal a soft and smooth complexion." This product comes in powder form that is pre-measured. You mix the powder with water to form a lather that you smooth over your face and work into your skin for about 30-60 seconds. It is incredibly gentle and leaves my skin feeling refreshed, clean, smooth, and hydrated. I use this product twice a week and it is seriously an incredibly product. It will definitely remain a staple in my collection.

The treatment cleansing foam is a completely different story. The stuff was so bad that I bought the small, sample version (1 oz) for $9 and I still felt compelled to return it. This product is touted as "a hydrating an purifying cleanser" that "removes makeup and impurities without stripping the skin's natural protective barrier." Yea, ok. If by not stripping the skin's natural protective barrier you mean depleting my skin of all oil and making my skin so dry I had to slather on moisturizer like it was going out of business. Trust me, I really hate to rank on this product when I love the enzyme peel so much. However, it has to be said. I used it for 3 days before I gave it up. To be honest, it didn't even cleanse very well either. For the $50 price tag of the full size item, there is much better products out there. 

Conclusion: I would absolutely recommend trying the treatment enzyme peel. It is a great product that both thoroughly cleansed my skin while remaining gentle and non-stripping. However, I would steer clear of the cleansing foam unless you have incredibly oily skin, even then I think there are more cleansing products out there. 

You can buy both on or wherever amorepacific products are sold.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jouer Tinted Moisturizers and Lip Enhancer

Jouer is another brand I found through my beauty box subscriptions. Anyone who subscribes to birchbox can tell you about birchbox's obsession with this brand. I have tried some of their products and my only caveat is that is isn't sold in more locations! I really do love this brand. They even sent me some samples when I emailed to complain that birchbox messed up in September and I never received my sample of their matte moisture tint!

As you can see in the picture, I own a full size luminizing moisture tint. I personally love luminizing products and own quite a few that I love mixing into my foundations or to highlight my cheekbones. Perhaps I can write a post at some point on my favorites. This product, unlike many tinted moisturizers with built in luminizing properties, is not overdone. I do not feel like my face is a disco-ball. I feel like there is just enough shimmer to make my face glow, without feeling like I slathered sparkles all over my face. It is also really light feeling, doesn't appear cakey, and I personally feel like it conceals more than your average tinted moisturizer. This was my go-to product all summer long and I am sure it will be making a reappearance next summer! Jouer states that this product is also supposed to help fade the appearance of fine lines. It is SPF 20 and contains Ginseng, Gingko Biloba Leaf extract to deliver antioxidants to the skin.

For the fall, Jouer released a new matte version of their moisture tint. They sent me two different shades so that I could find my perfect match. While I do not like it as much as the original formula, I could definitely see purchasing the full size version in the future. It is much less creamy feeling as the luminizing counterpart and seems to had a much more velvety quality to it. This also controls shine, so those with more oilier complexions will love that quality! It is made with all of the same awesome ingredients as the original, so if you liked the original I am sure you will find a new best friend for the colder seasons.

The last product was a surprise when I opened up my sample package. It is their lip enhancer. It is a "nourishing and conditioning lip treatment with clinically proven Maxi-lip to naturally increase the fullness of your lips while decreasing fine lines" and it is really moisturizing. Now, I am on the fence with this product. Maybe it's that I obsess over lip-balms and therefore my lips weren't chapped to begin with? It could also be that they suggest using it 3 times a day for 29 days for optimum results and I have only used it for a week. However, I find I prefer my regular Fresh lip treatment. I prefer that silky smooth, buttery feeling on my lips that this product did not deliver. It felt like putting conditioner on my lips. It melted in, and I am sure hydrated, but I was left smacking my lips together without that creamy sensation. So I was not particularly sold. I will continue using it as a night treatment for 29 days as directed (or until my sample runs out) and will update if I change my mind about it, but assuming that isn't the case I will most likely not be purchasing this product.

There are many other Jouer products on my list of things to try. I have heard some really amazing things about their lip glosses and the colors seem pretty awesome. I will definitely have to try those.

Jouer can be purchased online from or from

Sunday Riley

I am sure this will be the first post of many as far as the Sunday Riley brand is concerned. I placed an order with a Barney's rep for the Ceramic Slip cleanser and asked if she could send me a few samples as well. I have heard a ton of wonderful things about this brand and was really looking forward to trying it. I was really excited when my box arrived and I saw all these great samples. Included in the box was a Juno oil sample, Cashmere SPF 30, Skin Adrenaline, and Start Over eye creme. I seriously could not wait to try these all out!

Ceramic Slip Cleanser is described as being a gel based foaming cleanser designed to "create flawless skin and minuscule pores." I really love this stuff. My skin has seriously never looked better! It doesn't strip my skin at all and my skin feels super clean after. My skin is slightly on the drier side, so I can only use this once a day, but that is enough. I have absolutely been able to see a difference in my skin. It is much more clear than I think it has ever been. This is definitely a keeper.

Skin Adrenaline is an anti-aging concentrate for normal to oily skin types. When I first started using this cream I thought I had found my new favorite moisturizer,  then my skin started to peel. As I have stated, my skin tends on the drier side, and from the description alone this would not be a moisturizer for me; this is definitely a lighter moisturizer. I have since switched this to my day cream and my skin is much happier. Will I purchase this? I'm not sure. For the price ($185) I think I might stick to what I was previously using.

Juno Transformative Lipid Serum is described as a dry oil that enhances and hydrates your skin. It is supposed to "restore elasticity and tone while fighting the environmental sources of aging." I found that it creates a lovely glow. When I originally received this, I started using it every day. I found out that it was too rich for my skin everyday and my skin started to break out. I have since started using this twice a week after my little mini facials and my skin seems to enjoy that. Do I specifically need this product? Maybe not, but I do really like it.

Cashmere SPF 30 is a facial sunscreen that is sheer and without an oily finish. It is supposed to soften your skin as well as protect it. I don't really have a whole lot to say about this product. Does it do what it states? Yes, it is a nice sunscreen that can be worn under makeup. It is virtually weightless and does feel nice on. I do wear sunscreen everyday and I am a big advocate of doing so.

Start Over Active Eye Cream is an eye cream that is meant to correct puffy eyes, dark circles, and damaged skin. This was my favorite of all the samples. I have been looking for a good eye cream for awhile and I found I really like this. While I don't really think that is did anything for my dark circles, I found that is did reduce my eye puffiness and bags. I found I am using far less concealer on those areas in the morning.

Conclusion: I have definitely found a new brand to watch. I really do like their skincare items and cannot wait until I can get to a Barney's to play with their makeup and try out some of her other skincare products. Oh, did I forget to mention there is a Sunday Riley makeup line? I really want her lipstick in Orchid and will be testing that when I get a chance!

You can find all these items on http://www.sundayriley.com, or from your local Barney's.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Anyone here every hear about Influenster? Influenster is a box subscription service like none other. That is because it is free! The way it works is you sign up on their site and you connect your facebook, twitter, blog, any sort of account that you may have, and you review brands and products on their website. In return you gain a score depending on how influential the influenster staff thinks you are. A higher score means a higher chance at gaining a box. Their box is called a voxbox. In return for this box you review the products. Sounds fun right? Right now they have tons of programs out and are planning on releasing many more in the coming months sort of celebration for the launch of their new site which was JUST launched on September 27th. I personally love the new site as I think it is definitely an improvement on the old one. There's a lot to do and the new layout makes it a lot easier to track your progress and know what needs to be done. I also think it just looks nicer. The best part of influenster? It isn't all about beauty! There are different badges that you can earn based on the things you love. There is even a techie badge!

So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ole Henriksen Micro/Mini Peel System

August's Glossybox featured a product from Ole Henriksen's line and later had a promotion for their fan friday that for any $25 purchase from the Ole Henriksen website, you would receive a free naked truth kit. I had been eyeing this system for awhile as it sounded really good and had awesome reviews. So the offer pushed me over and I finally purchased this and I cannot believe it took me so long!

Ole Henriksen describes this product as a "three step treatment designed to enhance and renew the skin with nature's most powerful extracts." The system includes the almond polish, which is supposed to emulate a microdermabrasion (I personally felt like companies are going overboard with their declarations that their products are emulating "microdermabrasions" a scrub a scrub, its an exfoliant), lemon strip which contains lactic and glycolic acid and is an acid peel, and finally chamomile comfort which is supposed to comfort your skin after the more active ingredients.

The first time I used this system my face was RED. I will have to say that this is pretty active for someone with more sensitive skin (like myself), but I really appreciated the benefits. My skin felt really clean and silky soft and the next day I saw an immediate improvement in my skin. I received sample foil packets of this kit with this kit as a present for my friend. She did it with me and her face broke out terribly within the next few days after use. So this kit may not be for everyone, but I certainly would recommend it! I have since used it twice more as a weekly treatment and my face looks amazing! It is my favorite part of my week and I really look forward to it.

This system can be purchased from for $30 for the 0.5 oz version or $62 for the 1 oz version. It can also be purchased from for $95 for the 1 oz version (so I would suggest buying from Ole Henriksen themselves).

Review on September Glossybox products

So while I might be late to the game as far as unboxing goes, I felt that I really wanted to review each of the products in my September glossybox as at this point I think I have adequately tested each. I am really a big fan of glossybox and I hope that each box continues to be as good as the last.

Koh Gen Do cleansing water $13/3.38 oz –

Made from mineral-rich Japanese hot spring water, this best selling spa water is infused with six essential herbs to protect and nurture the skin. In a single sweep, it gently removes makeup and skin’s toughest impurities

I had never heard of this brand before I received this item and was shocked to see it was something that Sephora sells. Well, I guess that is why we get these boxes, isn’t it? I seriously loved this. I put a couple drops on a cotton pad and then press it onto my eye for a few seconds to let it soak and then wipe. This stuff seriously removes all of my eye makeup and it did it gently. No stinging at all and from the description it sounds pretty all natural. I will definitely be purchasing this when I run out!

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 $29.99/1.69 oz –

Hailing from Korea, this blemish balm, also known as BB cream, is a multi-tasking powerhouse for the face. This multi-use cream provides light coverage, soothes, protects, and moisturizes. Suitable for all skin types.

I have tried two BB creams in the past and was completely turned off by them. One was way to orange and the other would not set into my skin, it just kind of sat on top and looked really fake and awful. I pretty much gave up the idea as not for me and moved on with my life. This product has completely changed that view! It really is a fantastic product. It makes my skin look perfect, doesn’t grease me up, and I really love the high spf that many tinted moisturizers don’t have. This is my go to foundation every morning!

Global Keratin Hair Shampoo and Conditioner $20.00/10.1 oz each –

Nourished with plant extracts, this superior smoothing shampoo will purify and moisturize the scalp and hair.

This gentle moisturizing conditioner puts the finishing touch on your tresses and leaves your hair smooth, radiant, and revitalized.

I have now been using these shampoos for around 2 weeks and although I don’t notice that big of a difference in my hair, it isn’t really hurting my hair either. I had actually just run out of shampoo when my box arrived and so I was really thrilled to have a new shampoo to play with before having to run out and buy a new one. I can’t say I would purchase this, but if someone gave it to me I would certainly use it.

Kryolan for glossybox moisture rich lipstick in glossy pink $14/0.14 oz –

Treat your lips to a creamy, long lasting lipstick enriches with vitamin E to stimulate and hydrate your lips. This perfect pop of glossy pink compliments all skin tones and lifestyles.

This lipstick was in a fantastic nude pink and I have worn it several times already. It is quite moisturizing and does not dry out my lips at all. It really is a pleasure to wear as far as lipsticks go. I could always use a new lipstick as I love lipsticks and wear them nearly every day, so this was really a delight to see in my box.

Overall, as you can most likely tell, I really loved everything in this box and look forward to the spa themed October box. As long as glossy keeps delivering boxes like this I will continue to subscribe! =)

Glossybox is $21 a month and can be purchased from

Saturday, October 13, 2012

One Love Organics

I first heard about one love organics through birch box. Their april box had a nice sample of their skin savior. You are meant to use this in conjunction with their New Best Friend Skin Shammy, which of course was not sampled along with it. However I did become intrigued with the company and recently sent out for some samples. For $4.95 they will send you samples (featured above) of all their products. This time I also purchased a shammy to go with my samples as I wanted to get the full experience.
One Love is a company that prides itself on being all natural and handcrafted in small batches. Their premise is to use only the highest quality, most effective ingredients that directly benefit your skin. They are paraben free, they are cruelty-free, faire-trade when possible, and there are not chemicals. They only used the highest quality cold-pressed oils.
I am going to start with the skin savior waterless multi-balm. This is said to be the start of your nightly ritual and possibly your morning ritual. One Love uses a double cleansing ritual where you clean your face with this cold-pressed oil before cleansing. This balm can also be used as a moisturizer, in ones hair, and can be mixed with mineral foundation powder to make a custom treatment foundation. As stated above, it is meant to be used with their new best friend skin shammy. You rub it all over our face and then remove the oil with the shammy. Although I do use oils in my skin ritual, I have yet to clean with an oil. My skin felt fantastic after use. I did not even feel the need to put moisturizer on after. You can also use the shammy by itself with warm water in the morning. The shammy is made with a special microfiber that pulls dirt and oil into the structure of the fabric. I loved this as a really gentle way of cleaning my face in the morning.

EDIT: I loved the skin savior so much that I bought a jar of it. I found it to be so moisturizing that my skin felt more moisturized after cleansing than before. When I ran out of the sample I felt I couldn't live without it and so bought the product. It always amazes me how much dirt comes off onto the shammy, especially since I use it in the morning and have cleansed thoroughly at night. It cleans much better than your average cleanser. I whole heartedly recommend at least trying this product. It is a life savior. 
Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser – This cleanser is touted as a do it all. You can use this as a face wash, body wash, and a shampoo. While I was hesitant to use this on my head, I have heard really good things about this as a shampoo. I did try this as a cleanser and found that I liked it. It was non-stripping and I felt like really refreshed after use.
Brand New Day Microderma scrub and Masque – This is touted as a scrub that is so gentle it can be used everyday. It contains pea flour and fresh pineapple enzymes to polish off dead skin cells. This can also be mixed with honey or greek yogurt to make a masque once a week. I personally have really sensitive skin and as such felt that this would be way to harsh to be used on my skin more than once a week. I tried it with yogurt as a masque and found that I really did not like how it felt. It was really gritty and washing the mask off after did not feel great. My skin also broke out the day after I used it. 
Morning glory and love springs eternal – These are two oils that are meant to be used after cleaning. Morning glory is for use in the morning to wake up and brighten up your face while love springs eternal is a youth preservation serum meant to be used at night. I personally found them to be a little bit to greasy for me to use in conjunction with the skin savior (and the rest of my regular beauty routine). I did see my face being a little brighter in the morning with the morning glory, though I did not specifically like the love springs eternal. I might try both on their own at some point to see if I could like them if I gave up other products I use. 
Conclusion: There are definitely some products in this brand I like. I will keep using the shammy as part of my morning routine and would most likely repurchase this when I need a new one. I do like the skin savior as a moisturizer. However, I found that I do prefer the cleanser I currently use and did not specifically like the oils (I use oils as part of my everyday routine so I do like oils in general, just not these). I also found the exfoliant to be a bit harsher than expected. Others may find they like them. I would give this company a B+ and absolutely would suggest them to others, if only because they are organic and I love that. I would give them a try especially since you can sample the whole range of products very easily.

Fall USA Luxe Box

So my first blog post is going to be about the fall USA Luxe Box by loose button. They are a Canadian beauty box subscription service that is going on a world tour and their first stop was the United States.
My Box Included:
Vichy Purete Thermale Refreshing Toner
Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Marcelle Lux Cream Eye Shadow
Orlane Absolute Skin Recovery Polyactive
Orlane Super Moisturizing Concentrate
Sally Hansen Salon Effects
Schick Razor
Essie Nail Polish
Overall I was not pleased with this box. It was $26 and I think that it was really not worth it. Birchbox gave the same razor in their August boxes and I just really don’t get it. Either way I’ll update soon with reviews on some of these products like the Orlane.
Next time I will take a picture of the box before I take everything out. I also subscribe to Glossybox and am thinking of subscribing to sample society. If anyone has subscribed to sample society and wants to let me know their thoughts feel free to leave me a comment! =)
Luxe Box is $26 a quarter and can be bought from