Friday, May 3, 2013

Le Metier de Beaute

I wanted to give a very special shout out to those who work at Le Metier de I was incredibly impressed with their customer care. Let me explain: Last week I bought a few Le Metier skin care products from their website and ended up spending a lot of money. Well, this week Le Metier ran a one day special stating that anyone who purchased anything from their website on that day would get an orange nail polish. I commented on their facebook (which I am a "fan" of) stating that it would have been nice had this gone on last week when I had spent the aforementioned money. Today I come home to a package from Le Metier with the nail polish and this hand written note. Outstanding! I cannot give this company enough praise and with this one simple act they have made me a loyal customer for life. I feel like I haven't shared with you all the wonderful products that I have purchased from Le Metier (mostly because they aren't from the new lines and I have been wanting to get out newer products), but to say thank you to this amazing company, next week will be devoted to reviews of Le Metier products!!!

EDIT: I didn't even realize, but this is from the CEO of the company. That just makes this even cooler! =)

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