Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Borghese and Sonya Dakar Masks

I am a bit mask crazy. I have many different types of masks that all do different things and I absolutely love trying out new ones. These are by far two of my favorites. They have withstood my test of time (meaning I continually use them and rebuy them when they run out). The Borghese is the Fango Active Mud Mask and is a very cleansing mask while the Sonya Dakar Blue Mask is very moisturizing and comforting. They are my two most recommended mask brands (or pretty much brands in general, both have amazing skin-care lines).

The Borghese mask was bought at my favorite place to find new products, birchbox. It is described as being a big deal in the beauty world. "Tuscany's soothing green mud is famous for it's deep cleaning powers. It rids our skin of impurities, while a dose of avocado and sweet almond oils restore hydration and softness. Best of all, it's moist, not sticky, and does not dry out your skin." This is one of those masks that dries hard and crusty. It almost hurts because it constricts your face, however I have always found it worthwhile to suffer through. It is incredibly deep cleaning and you can see a noticeable difference straight away. As stated, it doesn't irritate my already dry skin by drying it out more. I'm also pretty sure that the bottle will last forever, so it is a pretty good buy. You can even see the size difference between my bottle of the Borghese mask and the Sonya Dakar mask. It is quite large! I would highly recommend this for all skin types.

Sonya Dakar skincare has different systems depending on your skin: Acne, Maintenance, Irritation, and Age-Control. This mask is from the irritation line, which is meant to "calm, sooth, and purify your sensitive, red, or reactive skin." The blue mask is a cooling mask meant to "calm skin while also absorbing irritating impurities." It is also "formulated to meet eco-friendly principles, this mask is free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, and dyes." Can you start to see why I love it? It is a truly moisturizing and calming mask that still cleanses (just not as well as other masks). It is formulated with blue azulene (to calm), bacapa monniera (to moisturize), and marine source elastin (to sooth and strengthen). I use this on days when my skin just needs a break. Although it contains no artificial fragrances, it still smells fantastic. It is simply a lovely mask.

And there you have it. Two of my favorite masks and why I love them so much. The Borghese mask can be bought at http://www.birchbox.com/, Macy's, Bloomingdales, Amazon, pretty much anywhere you desire. Sonya Dakar products are mostly only sold in Spas or http://www.sonyadakar.com