Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I would like to thank fellow blogger Lola for introducing me to Sponge. She was kind enough to spend time emailing back and forth to discuss the best lotion for me. As such I have tried Krema Triantafillo, Krema Imeras, and Gel Katharistiko. This brand is well worth investing in as it is a fabulous find. Sponge is a Greek brand that harnesses natural plants and herbs in a chemical-free process to "improve circulation, promote overall skin health, and a glowing, youthful appearance." Sponge makes natural skincare products based in olive oil and are not tested on animals and are hypoallergenic.

The Krema Triantafillo is made with rose hips and sage. It "helps strengthen, moisturize, and protect even the most sensitive skin types." I loved this the most out of all the lotions I tested. It is wonderfully moisturizing while still remaining light and refreshing on the skin. I know that many of the more hydrating moisturizers tend to feel heavy and greasy, not this one. This is healing and soothing and smells like roses!

The Krema Imeras was one I was talked into purchasing (as can be seen on the Barney's Haul). The lady was very insistent that this was the product for me. It is made with linden, sage, and rosemary and is "a day moisturizer with anti-aging benefits that is formulated to hydrate and protect the skin from the effects of environmental impurities, free radicals, and daily stresses." I have to say I loved the smell of this the most out of everything. It just smells clean and refreshing without being overpoweringly perfumey. This is a very, very light cream (as it is meant to be as a day cream). I feel like it is more mid-range as far as hydration goes and as such I feel like it would be for someone with more normal to oily skin.

The last product is their cleanser: Gel Katharistiko. It is made with wild herbs and "pH balanced and anti-oxidant rich, this formula deeply cleanses while promoting clarity and radiance in all skin types." I felt like this cleanser cleansed well without stripping my skin and of course, like all other Sponge products, had a pleasant scent. While not the best cleanser I have ever used, I have nothing negative to say about it. It didn't leave any residue behind and I felt thoroughly cleansed after.

Don't these products sound fantastic? Have you tried any Sponge products? What other products could you recommend?

Sponge can be purchased from http://spongeskincare.com or from your local Barney's retailer (or online).