Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mont Bleu Nail Files

Mont Bleu nail files are, if nothing else, beautiful. The picture I took doesn't even capture just how gorgeous they are. These are glass nail files (made from tempered glass) made in the Czech Republic. Some of them are decorated with Swarovski crystals, some are more plain and are adorned with ombre color schemes. This company makes many different versions, all high quality. I'm sure that everyone could find one that suits their fancy. All of them are gorgeous and elegant. I included a picture of my standard, CVS bought, nail file for comparison.

Not only are these pretty to look at (almost too pretty to use, mine sat for a week before I had the courage to deface it with my nails), but they work better than any nail file I have ever used. There is relatively no effort needed to buff away and shape ones nails. I was very surprised at how few strokes were necessary to achieve my desired shape. It also smooths the nail much more adequately than the standard emery board. I would also imagine that this would last much longer as well as usage didn't seem to dull it. 

I was very impressed with these. In fact, so was my mother. She requested one of the two that I received saying that she knew of the high quality associated with glass nail files. The company also included a set of earrings that are also pictured. They are incredibly beautiful. They are facetted to reflect the light, so different colors can be seen at different angles. They will be a joy to wear.

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