Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gabriel Organics

Gabriel Organics is a fabulous organic skincare line that feels wonderful on the skin. It is a very cleansing line that I know is both high quality and made with the best of products. Most of their products contain many products from the ocean such as sea fennel, sea minerals, and seaweed; all natural elements that regenerate and revitalize the body and skin. Gabriel Organics only uses 100% natural ingredients. I was sent to try the White Seaweed Cleanser, Seaweed Nourishing Moisturizer, Sea Clay Purifying Mud Mask, Seaweed Hydrating Mud Mask, Seaweed Revitalizing Bath and Shower Gel, and White Seaweed Hand and Body Lotion. All met and exceeded expectations.

Both the White Seaweed Calming Cleanser and the Seaweed Nourishing Moisturizer are from the normal to combination skin line. The cleanser is described as a "calming white seaweed combined with papaya to give this light emulsion the ability to gently cleanse and lightly exfoliate the skin while maintaining its natural moisture and pH balance." I would absolutely say that this is a wonderful balance between cleansing and moisture. This cleanser didn't suds up, which is general a good indicator that it will be a less stripping and more moisturizing cleanser. However, unlike most lotion-like cleansers, this cleansed my skin effectively where I didn't feel like I needed to use a toner and it left no trace of itself behind after washing it off. The moisturizer is described as "a protective all purpose moisturizer with the nourishing benefits of Shea butter, Vitamin E and antioxidant to help protect skin from premature signs of aging." This moisturizer smelled wonderful and moisturized effectively. This moisturizer and cleanser is a great combination. My skin was left feeling effectively cleansed whiteout feeling tight and dry.

The two masks I tried were the Sea Clay Purifying Mud Mask and the Seaweed Hydrating Mask. I preferred the hydrating one of the two, however the hydrating mask was different than any other mask I have ever tried before. This mask was described as "an active formula of blue and green algae, amino acids and plants extracts precisely blended to provide just the amount of hydration and resiliency needed for all skin types." I really wish I had taken a picture of this product. I opened up the packet and was greeted by a mask of jelly consistency. When I first applied it to my face it was warm and tingly and even burned a bit. Within 5 minutes, that feeling quickly changed to a cool and refreshing  feeling. I knew the mask was finished when the coolness ended. This mask didn't dry at all and thus washing it off was as equally intriguing as the product itself. However, once removed my skin was refreshed and hydrated. Wonderful! The mud mask is something I would only recommend to those with skin that is more on the oily side. It was incredibly drying, however it was also incredibly cleansing. This product was described as "a fresh blend of sea minerals and clays specifically formulated for its purifying, astringent and clarifying effect. This mineral-rich clay mask cleanses and purifies the skin by absorbing surface impurities and excess sebum." The mask was your typical mud mask where it dries down to a flaky consistency and washed off easily. I enjoyed the mask, I would just warn that it is a more drying mask.

The Seaweed Revitalizing Bath and Shower Gel and White Seaweed Hand and Body Lotion are from the bath and body line. They are similar to the face line in that they are also made of seaweed and smell wonderful. The bath gel is "nourishing seaweed extracts and precious botanical oils that are the basis for this purifying body cleanser." This cleanser foamed up nicely and was a great addition to my shower. My shower was only made better after I left it and tried the body lotion which is "an easily absorbed lotion enriched with multi-vitamins, plus ultra-hydrating white seaweed and active plant oils that eliminate dryness and dramatically improve the texture and elasticity of dry, lackluster, skin." It was very moisturizing and made my skin soft and supple.

This line was a great find. I really enjoyed playing with it and would encourage others to give it a try. As you can see I am a big fan of organic lines and I often shout for the hills when I find a new one that is fantastic and affordable!

This line can be bought from http://www.gabrielcosmeticsinc.com