Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Armani Flash Lacquer Crystal Shine Gloss in 202

Armani recently came out with these flash lacquers that are supposed to be a revolutionary new lip gloss that will be offered in 36 colors. I ran to an Armani counter, but found mine only had about 10 or so colors. I was lucky enough that they had the color I wanted. 202 is from the sparkling midnight shimmers and as such is a sparkly color. It is very bronzy with gold shimmer. It is stunning on.

With Flash

Without Flash

"Giorgio Armani premieres the newest generation in lip gloss with Flash Lacquer. Flash Lacquer provides the highest reflection ever achieved, even after blotting lips. The shape and shine technology causes light to reflect off of every point of surface for a pure pop of color."

This gloss is meant to create an extremely smooth surface that fills in the lines in the lips to make an extremely smooth surface. It is supposed to have no stickiness and be very comfortable with great hydration. 

I absolutely love this gloss. It is everything that it is meant to be. As soon as I put it on the first time I looked at my boyfriend and said, "Well, that's interesting." It truly feels different than any gloss I have tried before. It actually does not have any stickiness and is incredibly soft and moisturizing. It feels absolutely amazing. The only problem I have with it is that is doesn't last very long, only about 2 hours or so. However, I love it so much that I will still most likely buy this in other colors. 

The container is the standard Armani gloss container (I think), which I like. It has a decent amount of heft to it to make it feel luxurious without being too heavy and it looks pretty classic. I think I have found a new love.

I don't believe this is limited edition, although the website claims it is. If you cannot find an armani counter, you can always purchase this online: http://www.giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com.