Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Update Barney's "Haul"

Credit to Google Images

I just wanted to give a quick update regarding the Tatcha Rice Enzyme Scrub, and by the way I received a sample in gentle. The reason I had gotten this scrub, as previously mentioned, was because I wanted to compare this to AmorePacific's Enzyme Peel. Tatcha Rice Enzyme Scrub is described as "a creamy, water based enzyme exfoilient that effortlessly releases debris from the skin, leaving it polished and baby soft in an instant." I used this product last night and so I wanted to give a quick comparison. When water is added to the Tatcha powder, it forms a much thicker paste than the AmorePacific Powder. I have to say I liked that. What I didn't really like was the smell. While the AmorePacific powder doesn't really have a scent, the Tatcha powder does. It definitely has a very distinct rice smell that I didn't appreciate. That being said, I liked the Tatcha powder more. It was much more active, while still maintaing the gentleness that I loved about the AmorePacific powder. The rep told me that since it was more active, I should only rub it around my face for 30 seconds before washing it off. I felt my skin was much smoother and cleaner after than with the AmorePacific and that lasted unto the next day. Considering they are at about the same price point, I would most likely purchase the Tatcha when I run out of my AmorePacific. I have a second packet that I will try soon to make sure that I have no adverse reactions to it, but other than that I'm sold!

The Tatcha Rice Enzyme Scrub can be purchased at barneys.com, or wherever Tatcha is sold.

I put haul in quotations because I'm not really sure I want to call this a haul, but wasn't exactly sure what else to call it. The past month I made a list of everything I either wanted to get samples of or buy the next time I made my way to a Barney's. Well, yesterday I finally got my chance.

I sampled Tatcha Rice Enzyme Scrub so that I could compare it to my AmorePacific Enzyme Peel. I got samples of some more of the Sunday Riley line including Good Genes, which I have been really wanting to sample. I also got a sample of Rodin Olio Lusso as I have heard some wonderful things about it and I wanted to compare it to Sunday Riley's Juno oil. Last of the samples was from Malin and Geotz. I really wanted to sample their intensive hair mask and they also threw in a sample of shampoo (the rep told me that I could't get the full experience of the mask without it) and their detox face mask.

I had only planned on getting samples of some of the Sponge lotions, and somehow I was talked into purchasing. The rep told me that since I was young the only lotion she would recommend to me was Krema Imeras (day cream) and that it would be sufficient for my dry skin for both day and night. I am a little skeptical, but she seemed so earnest that I felt the need to believe her. We shall see.

The two other full sized products I bought were from Sunday Riley's makeup line. I bought her lipstick in Orchid and lipgloss in blackberry crush. I had been coveting this color online for a month and was dying to purchase it, but refused to do so until I had tried it. It is the perfect vampy purple! I will have to  swatch it for you at some point!

Do you guy's think I made some good selections? Tell me what you think!