Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bite: Colour + Shine To Go

I had posted about a little mini Bite travel kit in the past (here) and have been whining incessantly to my mother for months about how much I wanted to try Bite (but for whatever reasons just never purchased anything). Well, Sunday I was in Sephora returning something with my mother and she saw this little guy and decided to purchase this for me (I think if anything to shut me up). I'd like to apologize though to anyone looking to purchase this, as the colors in my kit are a bit off. The lipgloss that should be with these two lipsticks is supposed to be a nude and this pink goes with two pinky nude lipsticks. I *might* have switches them because I prefer a light pink gloss to a nude, but I will admit to it. The lipsticks are in Cin Cin (a burnt orange color) and Tannin (a raspberry color) and the lipgloss is in Sante (a light, sheer pink), but should be Champagne Pearl (self explanatory color name).

I would like to say, it was well worth the wait. The lipsticks are creamy, go on well without tugging the lip, are very pigmented, and long lasting. They are moisturizing for a time as well, though that doesn't last and they do dry out the lip a bit. The lipgloss is sticky, though I'm pretty sure when I tried the lip glosses when they first came out they were quite stickier. So I do think they tweaked the formula. The lipgloss does have a slightly sweet smell to it, but that dissipates after application. The color is a semi-sheer pink. Because of the slight tackiness to the lipgloss, it lasts a considerable amount of time for a gloss (about 4 or 5 hours).

Without Flash

With Flash

I happen to really like these products and I would most definitely purchase bite again (I just wish I had a Sephora that sold Bite products as I prefer to test out colors in person before purchasing). 

This little bag can be purchased at your Sephora or

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