Wednesday, January 23, 2013

By Terry Sheer Expert

Those of you who are readers know that recently I found what I thought was my new HG foundation, but it turned out to break me out. You can read that post here. I exchanged that and bought the By Terry Sheer Expert foundation. Could this be my new HG foundation? Not really, but I do like it.

This product is described as being fusional between "natural and multi-corrective foundation that adjusts and blends with the skin to reveal a perfect and natural complexion. Its new generation Intensive Mimetic Camouflage technology is a combination of "camouflage" prisms, powder microspheres and mimetic micro-pigments. It erases imperfections, combats shine, signs of aging and adapts automatically to all types of complexions. With high-performance "zero imperfections" properties, a matte but non-drying translucent texture and hydra-plumping comfortable feel, it smooths away lines and brightens the face for a visibly sublime glow."

For those of you who are not familiar with the By Terry line, they have a lot of foundations. They have Sheer Expert, Cover Expert, and then they have their foundation and a tinted moisturizer. I bought the Sheer Expert because I don't like a lot of coverage. I have relatively good skin and so when I look for a foundation I look for something that is only moderately more coverage than a tinted moisturizer (which is why I have been using a BB Cream for quite awhile now). I would say that this only has as much coverage as a tinted moisturizer, although this can be layered.

What is does, however, is amazing. It sinks into your skin so its almost impossible to see and it makes your skin GLOW. I don't mean a glow like a luminizer, I mean a glow like that glow from within. It is an amazing product. I put it on and walked away for a minute and when I came back I was seriously impressed in how it blended into my skin on its own. It is a bit like magic. It doesn't settle into pores and it lasts all day. It also absolutely has moisturizing properties and it doesn't accentuate my dry skin. And most importantly, it doesn't break me out. This is nearly perfect, it just doesn't have as much coverage as I would have liked. I think that next time I will try the Cover Expert, as that it supposed to have a bit more coverage (I was just worried it would be too much coverage, plus from what I read from reviews it is a bit more matte of a product and doesn't supply that luminous glow that I love).

This can be purchased from Barney's or