Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jouer Tinted Moisturizers and Lip Enhancer

Jouer is another brand I found through my beauty box subscriptions. Anyone who subscribes to birchbox can tell you about birchbox's obsession with this brand. I have tried some of their products and my only caveat is that is isn't sold in more locations! I really do love this brand. They even sent me some samples when I emailed to complain that birchbox messed up in September and I never received my sample of their matte moisture tint!

As you can see in the picture, I own a full size luminizing moisture tint. I personally love luminizing products and own quite a few that I love mixing into my foundations or to highlight my cheekbones. Perhaps I can write a post at some point on my favorites. This product, unlike many tinted moisturizers with built in luminizing properties, is not overdone. I do not feel like my face is a disco-ball. I feel like there is just enough shimmer to make my face glow, without feeling like I slathered sparkles all over my face. It is also really light feeling, doesn't appear cakey, and I personally feel like it conceals more than your average tinted moisturizer. This was my go-to product all summer long and I am sure it will be making a reappearance next summer! Jouer states that this product is also supposed to help fade the appearance of fine lines. It is SPF 20 and contains Ginseng, Gingko Biloba Leaf extract to deliver antioxidants to the skin.

For the fall, Jouer released a new matte version of their moisture tint. They sent me two different shades so that I could find my perfect match. While I do not like it as much as the original formula, I could definitely see purchasing the full size version in the future. It is much less creamy feeling as the luminizing counterpart and seems to had a much more velvety quality to it. This also controls shine, so those with more oilier complexions will love that quality! It is made with all of the same awesome ingredients as the original, so if you liked the original I am sure you will find a new best friend for the colder seasons.

The last product was a surprise when I opened up my sample package. It is their lip enhancer. It is a "nourishing and conditioning lip treatment with clinically proven Maxi-lip to naturally increase the fullness of your lips while decreasing fine lines" and it is really moisturizing. Now, I am on the fence with this product. Maybe it's that I obsess over lip-balms and therefore my lips weren't chapped to begin with? It could also be that they suggest using it 3 times a day for 29 days for optimum results and I have only used it for a week. However, I find I prefer my regular Fresh lip treatment. I prefer that silky smooth, buttery feeling on my lips that this product did not deliver. It felt like putting conditioner on my lips. It melted in, and I am sure hydrated, but I was left smacking my lips together without that creamy sensation. So I was not particularly sold. I will continue using it as a night treatment for 29 days as directed (or until my sample runs out) and will update if I change my mind about it, but assuming that isn't the case I will most likely not be purchasing this product.

There are many other Jouer products on my list of things to try. I have heard some really amazing things about their lip glosses and the colors seem pretty awesome. I will definitely have to try those.

Jouer can be purchased online from http://www.jouercosmetics.com/ or from http://www.birchbox.com

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