Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bobbi Brown: Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer, Face Touch up Stick, and Sheer Finish Pressed Powder

I love Bobbie Brown cosmetics. I use a lot of her cosmetics and have a serious love for the eyeliner. Here I decided to review some of the products I have used on my face. I have tried to Face Touch up Stick, Sheer Finish Pressed Powder, and the SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer. 

I use the finishing pressed powder everyday without fail and will most likely continue to use it for the foreseeable future. I will most likely also rebuy it once I run out. It has a slight tint to it so it doesn't change the color of your skin. This product is described as "a translucent face powder to set foundation and cut excess shine." Pretty much the same as most setting powders. I like this one because it is in a compact, so I can't spill it and, unlike many other compacts that I have owned, this one doesn't seem to break as readily if you accidentally drop it. This feels great on my face and doesn't ever look gray on my face. It mattes down my tinted moisturizer and lasts all day. I really love this product.

The same cannot be said for the tinted moisturizer. Unfortunately there just doesn't seem to be a color in this line that matches my skin perfectly. I have very light, pink skin and unfortunately for me I have a very tough time finding a tinted moisturizer that isn't too yellow. This one was the only one I could find that was the reverse problem, too pink, but putting some yellow in a pink moisturizer was easier than putting pink in a yellow one. The Jouer brand tinted moisturizer was the only one that really matches my skin. I did, however wear this one for awhile even though it was ever so slightly too light and too pink for me. I would just mix is with a yellow toned illuminator and it seemed to work. I didn't realize that it oxidized throughout the day and would end up being a shade darker than my skin by night. Once I realized this I discontinued this product. What I did like about this, for those without my skin tone problem, is that it covered more than your average tinted moisturizer. I found it was not as sheer while still feeling light as if I wasn't wearing makeup. I would urge anyone looking to wear this to wear to use a setting powder during the summer as I have dry skin and this would still melt on my face in the heat. I would also suggest using another sunscreen under this because it has a very low spf. 

The last product, the face touch up stick, I used as a concealer. It is a nice, creamy stick, that provides just enough coverage to conceal a blemish. This can't really be used on large surfaces or under your eyes, but for my purpose, it was wonderful. I would just dab it on the blemish and then blend out. Bobbie Brown describes this product as "a small portable foundation stick that's perfect for spot coverage, touch ups, and travel." I really like this concealer and have yet to find one like it (stick form) that I like as much. It lasts all day without budging and provides enough coverage without looking cakey or unnatural. This is definitely an A+ product. 

These products can be found on http://www.sephora.com, or anywhere else Bobbi Brown cosmetics are sold.