Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ole Henriksen Micro/Mini Peel System

August's Glossybox featured a product from Ole Henriksen's line and later had a promotion for their fan friday that for any $25 purchase from the Ole Henriksen website, you would receive a free naked truth kit. I had been eyeing this system for awhile as it sounded really good and had awesome reviews. So the offer pushed me over and I finally purchased this and I cannot believe it took me so long!

Ole Henriksen describes this product as a "three step treatment designed to enhance and renew the skin with nature's most powerful extracts." The system includes the almond polish, which is supposed to emulate a microdermabrasion (I personally felt like companies are going overboard with their declarations that their products are emulating "microdermabrasions" a scrub a scrub, its an exfoliant), lemon strip which contains lactic and glycolic acid and is an acid peel, and finally chamomile comfort which is supposed to comfort your skin after the more active ingredients.

The first time I used this system my face was RED. I will have to say that this is pretty active for someone with more sensitive skin (like myself), but I really appreciated the benefits. My skin felt really clean and silky soft and the next day I saw an immediate improvement in my skin. I received sample foil packets of this kit with this kit as a present for my friend. She did it with me and her face broke out terribly within the next few days after use. So this kit may not be for everyone, but I certainly would recommend it! I have since used it twice more as a weekly treatment and my face looks amazing! It is my favorite part of my week and I really look forward to it.

This system can be purchased from for $30 for the 0.5 oz version or $62 for the 1 oz version. It can also be purchased from for $95 for the 1 oz version (so I would suggest buying from Ole Henriksen themselves).

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