Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Amorepacific: Enzyme Peel and Cleansing Foam

Yet another brand discovered through beauty box subscription services. To those who are skeptical of such services, this is a really good pro towards signing up. I found this brand through glossybox. An amorepacific cream came in one of their earlier glossyboxes and other than checking the brand out, I had not really considered purchasing. Recently I found myself needing to buy a new scrub and I decided I wanted to buy something a bit more gentle than my previous scrub. As I was searching I remembered the amorepacific scrub and remembered there was a ton of really great reviews!

The treatment enzyme peel is more of a light scrub than a peel. It is described as a "botanical-based, exfoiliator made without harsh ingredients." It is meant to "brighten and even skin tone without chemical abrasions" and it "eliminates dry, dull surface cells and toxins to reveal a soft and smooth complexion." This product comes in powder form that is pre-measured. You mix the powder with water to form a lather that you smooth over your face and work into your skin for about 30-60 seconds. It is incredibly gentle and leaves my skin feeling refreshed, clean, smooth, and hydrated. I use this product twice a week and it is seriously an incredibly product. It will definitely remain a staple in my collection.

The treatment cleansing foam is a completely different story. The stuff was so bad that I bought the small, sample version (1 oz) for $9 and I still felt compelled to return it. This product is touted as "a hydrating an purifying cleanser" that "removes makeup and impurities without stripping the skin's natural protective barrier." Yea, ok. If by not stripping the skin's natural protective barrier you mean depleting my skin of all oil and making my skin so dry I had to slather on moisturizer like it was going out of business. Trust me, I really hate to rank on this product when I love the enzyme peel so much. However, it has to be said. I used it for 3 days before I gave it up. To be honest, it didn't even cleanse very well either. For the $50 price tag of the full size item, there is much better products out there. 

Conclusion: I would absolutely recommend trying the treatment enzyme peel. It is a great product that both thoroughly cleansed my skin while remaining gentle and non-stripping. However, I would steer clear of the cleansing foam unless you have incredibly oily skin, even then I think there are more cleansing products out there. 

You can buy both on or wherever amorepacific products are sold.

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