Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sunday Riley

I am sure this will be the first post of many as far as the Sunday Riley brand is concerned. I placed an order with a Barney's rep for the Ceramic Slip cleanser and asked if she could send me a few samples as well. I have heard a ton of wonderful things about this brand and was really looking forward to trying it. I was really excited when my box arrived and I saw all these great samples. Included in the box was a Juno oil sample, Cashmere SPF 30, Skin Adrenaline, and Start Over eye creme. I seriously could not wait to try these all out!

Ceramic Slip Cleanser is described as being a gel based foaming cleanser designed to "create flawless skin and minuscule pores." I really love this stuff. My skin has seriously never looked better! It doesn't strip my skin at all and my skin feels super clean after. My skin is slightly on the drier side, so I can only use this once a day, but that is enough. I have absolutely been able to see a difference in my skin. It is much more clear than I think it has ever been. This is definitely a keeper.

Skin Adrenaline is an anti-aging concentrate for normal to oily skin types. When I first started using this cream I thought I had found my new favorite moisturizer,  then my skin started to peel. As I have stated, my skin tends on the drier side, and from the description alone this would not be a moisturizer for me; this is definitely a lighter moisturizer. I have since switched this to my day cream and my skin is much happier. Will I purchase this? I'm not sure. For the price ($185) I think I might stick to what I was previously using.

Juno Transformative Lipid Serum is described as a dry oil that enhances and hydrates your skin. It is supposed to "restore elasticity and tone while fighting the environmental sources of aging." I found that it creates a lovely glow. When I originally received this, I started using it every day. I found out that it was too rich for my skin everyday and my skin started to break out. I have since started using this twice a week after my little mini facials and my skin seems to enjoy that. Do I specifically need this product? Maybe not, but I do really like it.

Cashmere SPF 30 is a facial sunscreen that is sheer and without an oily finish. It is supposed to soften your skin as well as protect it. I don't really have a whole lot to say about this product. Does it do what it states? Yes, it is a nice sunscreen that can be worn under makeup. It is virtually weightless and does feel nice on. I do wear sunscreen everyday and I am a big advocate of doing so.

Start Over Active Eye Cream is an eye cream that is meant to correct puffy eyes, dark circles, and damaged skin. This was my favorite of all the samples. I have been looking for a good eye cream for awhile and I found I really like this. While I don't really think that is did anything for my dark circles, I found that is did reduce my eye puffiness and bags. I found I am using far less concealer on those areas in the morning.

Conclusion: I have definitely found a new brand to watch. I really do like their skincare items and cannot wait until I can get to a Barney's to play with their makeup and try out some of her other skincare products. Oh, did I forget to mention there is a Sunday Riley makeup line? I really want her lipstick in Orchid and will be testing that when I get a chance!

You can find all these items on http://www.sundayriley.comhttp://www.sephora.com/http://www.barneys.com, or from your local Barney's.

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