Saturday, October 13, 2012

One Love Organics

I first heard about one love organics through birch box. Their april box had a nice sample of their skin savior. You are meant to use this in conjunction with their New Best Friend Skin Shammy, which of course was not sampled along with it. However I did become intrigued with the company and recently sent out for some samples. For $4.95 they will send you samples (featured above) of all their products. This time I also purchased a shammy to go with my samples as I wanted to get the full experience.
One Love is a company that prides itself on being all natural and handcrafted in small batches. Their premise is to use only the highest quality, most effective ingredients that directly benefit your skin. They are paraben free, they are cruelty-free, faire-trade when possible, and there are not chemicals. They only used the highest quality cold-pressed oils.
I am going to start with the skin savior waterless multi-balm. This is said to be the start of your nightly ritual and possibly your morning ritual. One Love uses a double cleansing ritual where you clean your face with this cold-pressed oil before cleansing. This balm can also be used as a moisturizer, in ones hair, and can be mixed with mineral foundation powder to make a custom treatment foundation. As stated above, it is meant to be used with their new best friend skin shammy. You rub it all over our face and then remove the oil with the shammy. Although I do use oils in my skin ritual, I have yet to clean with an oil. My skin felt fantastic after use. I did not even feel the need to put moisturizer on after. You can also use the shammy by itself with warm water in the morning. The shammy is made with a special microfiber that pulls dirt and oil into the structure of the fabric. I loved this as a really gentle way of cleaning my face in the morning.

EDIT: I loved the skin savior so much that I bought a jar of it. I found it to be so moisturizing that my skin felt more moisturized after cleansing than before. When I ran out of the sample I felt I couldn't live without it and so bought the product. It always amazes me how much dirt comes off onto the shammy, especially since I use it in the morning and have cleansed thoroughly at night. It cleans much better than your average cleanser. I whole heartedly recommend at least trying this product. It is a life savior. 
Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser – This cleanser is touted as a do it all. You can use this as a face wash, body wash, and a shampoo. While I was hesitant to use this on my head, I have heard really good things about this as a shampoo. I did try this as a cleanser and found that I liked it. It was non-stripping and I felt like really refreshed after use.
Brand New Day Microderma scrub and Masque – This is touted as a scrub that is so gentle it can be used everyday. It contains pea flour and fresh pineapple enzymes to polish off dead skin cells. This can also be mixed with honey or greek yogurt to make a masque once a week. I personally have really sensitive skin and as such felt that this would be way to harsh to be used on my skin more than once a week. I tried it with yogurt as a masque and found that I really did not like how it felt. It was really gritty and washing the mask off after did not feel great. My skin also broke out the day after I used it. 
Morning glory and love springs eternal – These are two oils that are meant to be used after cleaning. Morning glory is for use in the morning to wake up and brighten up your face while love springs eternal is a youth preservation serum meant to be used at night. I personally found them to be a little bit to greasy for me to use in conjunction with the skin savior (and the rest of my regular beauty routine). I did see my face being a little brighter in the morning with the morning glory, though I did not specifically like the love springs eternal. I might try both on their own at some point to see if I could like them if I gave up other products I use. 
Conclusion: There are definitely some products in this brand I like. I will keep using the shammy as part of my morning routine and would most likely repurchase this when I need a new one. I do like the skin savior as a moisturizer. However, I found that I do prefer the cleanser I currently use and did not specifically like the oils (I use oils as part of my everyday routine so I do like oils in general, just not these). I also found the exfoliant to be a bit harsher than expected. Others may find they like them. I would give this company a B+ and absolutely would suggest them to others, if only because they are organic and I love that. I would give them a try especially since you can sample the whole range of products very easily.